Golf Club Sava

The idea of forming this open type golf club, which will help contribute to the development and popularization of golf in Serbia and support golf enthusiasts at a very affordable level, came at the end of 2010 and became reality in February 2011.

The intention of GCS is to clearly mark the period of golf expansion in Serbia, as one of the main contributors in reaching this goal. It would like to simplify becoming a member of a golf club and provide maximum benefits for amateur golfers.

Over the last couple of years many people in Serbia have been introduced to golf, they have however not been able to realize the sports possibilities due to the lack of opportunities or existing offers of becoming a club member. This has not helped their impressions of the sport.

Our mission is to convey the right values, present golf on a much wider scale and explain the spirit of the game.

Golf is one of the rare sports where the amateur can compete and possibly win against the professional, thanks to the handicapping system. This gives the player the additional motivation to play tournaments and hopefully improve their game. Your handicap will be run and regulated by the Golf Association of Serbia, who is a member of the European Golf Association.

Golf Club Sava is here to simplify golf for its members, to help them enjoy playing the game and contribute to the development of golf in Serbia!